Types of Service

Onsite Computer Support

Our On-Site Technical Support is available everywhere in the Salt Lake valley, as well as north all the way to Centerville, and south all the way to Provo.  We keep our appointments, communicate any delays, and our technicians are always professional and friendly.

Remote Support

Utilizing state of the art technology, inQuo can offer immediate support for many issues remotely.  All remote access is encrypted to protect your valuable assets.  You are in complete control of the remote session at all times.

In-Shop Service and Repair

In-Shop Service is billed at a flat rate.  Whether the service takes an hour, or ten hours, you are billed the same amount for service.  Restrictions Apply.  Contact us for details.

Web and Multimedia Design

From simple web pages to more complex web solutions, inQuo can provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, including advising and securing web hosting.   Whether you are starting from scratch, or revamping a current design, our designers can make your company brand shine.

What We Support

Notebook and Desktop Support and Repair

From PC’s to Macs, we can offer full support for any hardware issues you may have.  We can also do upgrades for for desktops, notebooks, and even Mac hardware.

Your Operating System is Covered

At inQuo, we know that different businesses have different computer needs. We have gathered the resources to be able to offer support and expertise in many different software and operating systems, including all Microsoft products, Linux and Unix platforms, Apple, Cisco Networking, Avaya VOIP, and many others.

Software and Hardware Sales

Our low prices and great service will insure that you get the best value for your dollar.  We have several wholesale suppliers that offer a large range of computer hardware and software.  We make upgrading and purchasing a snap with installation available.

Virus and Spyware Removal and Prevention

Computers can be susceptible to  viruses and spyware just from connecting to the internet.  Utilizing the latest techniques and software applications, we can clean up any viruses and spyware already on your systems, and show you how to keep your systems clean in the future.  Our friendly service is always coupled with easy to follow advice.

Servers and Network Storage

Whether you currently have a server, or are interested in learning how servers and network storage can benefit your company, inQuo has the answers to your networking needs. Let us show you how centralized storage with file sharing, print sharing, centralized antivirus and spyware management, and application sharing can save your business time and money.

E-Mail Configuration

We are well versed with supporting multiple e-mail software programs, including Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, POP and SMTP.  We can help you maximize this valuable tool for your business. We can show you how to integrate your e-mail with smart phones and how to take your e-mail on the road.

New Computer Setup and File Transfer

Whether you purchase the machine on your own, or we build a system for you, we can help set up the new system with a minimum amount of downtime. We can streamline transferring your files and settings, and ensure that your new computer will have the necessary settings for printing, network access and the correct software applications for your business.

Printers, Scanners and Fax

Let us help you get the most out of your printing, faxing and scanning investment.  We can help install and configure your equipment and provide training on the maintenance and features of your printers.

IPhones, Smartphones and other Mobile Device Support

Smartphones are all the rage for increasing productivity, but they can sometimes be a challenge to configure.  Our technicians can help setup email,  data transfer, applications support and integration with your computer for most handheld devices.

Backup and Storage

Digital assets, like documents, databases, and images are the lifeblood of many businesses. Losing that valuable data due to a hardware failure could be devastating for anyone. At inQuo, we understand the importance of keeping your data safe and secure. From simple solutions like external networking storage devices and hard drives, to more robust services like secure automatic back-up services and utilizing file servers with built-in redundancy, inQuo will find the right solution for your business.

Simplicity is key for backup solutions. We want to make it as easy and seamless as possible, so you can continue working in a worry free environment.

Remote Data Access

Need access to your files when you are away from your business? Let inQuo help you set up secure ways of accessing your data from any location with ease. Whether is it a VPN configuration on your router, a web file-share service, or utilizing remote control technology, we are experienced in making it easy for you.

Security Analysis

With multiple ways of connecting to the internet and connecting to your network, security is of the utmost importance for businesses. Our expertise in configuring PC and network security will ensure that your most important assets are safe, while allowing you to conduct “business as usual”.

Disaster Recovery

No one ever plans to have a disaster strike. Fire, flood or other issues can seriously harm the sizeable investment you have made in your business. inQuo can help you create a disaster recovery plan for your technology assets. Through innovative solutions for backing up data, comprehensive data collection and management, and solid experience working with utilities providers, we can help you rest assured that your business can be back online quickly and with the tools you need to operate.

Moving and New Office Setups

At inQuo, we understand that growth is good for any business. When you decide that your current office space is not enough, or you will be expanding your business to multiple locations, we can help you plan these changes. We can help facilitate the changes you will need to make with your telephone and internet utilities, setup your new network, and even help with computer equipment purchases for your new office. Our vast pool of resources means that for any technology related issues, you can count on inQuo to be there every step of the way.




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